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Millingen a/d Rijn is at the intersection of the river Rhine and the river Waal, centrally located near the unique nature reserve the Gelderse Poort. Strolling in this sanctuary  you may suddenly come across Galloway cattle and Konik horses. Ooij polder and Duffelt are part of the Gelderse Poort. This year, the municipality of Millingen a/d Rijn merged with the municipalities of Groesbeek and Ubbergen. As from 2016 all villages belonging to Groesbeek, Millingen a/d Rijn and Ubbergen have become part of the municipality of Berg en Dal. Small villages, among which Kekerdom, Leuth, Erlecom, Ooij, Persingen and Beek, are all between the river Waal and a moraine. This moraine emerged in the Ice Age and has not only provided an abundance of mineral water in various wells, but also a lot of laundry works. On and behind this moraine is Groesbeek with exceptional panoramas.

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Persingen, the smallest village in the Netherlands, is beautifully situated amidst Ooij polder. A polder landscape where you can enjoy peace, quiet, very nice fields, extensive apple and pear tree orchards and farms.

Persingenhollandsch duitsch gemaalveldoven Ooijse Bandijknatuurmuseum nijmegenvoetveer meertje ubbergen

While cycling or strolling you will find several impressive historical items in this unique area. In Nijmegen and Kleve, the two major cities in the area, you can enjoy shopping. Additionally they have many historic buildings and museums that are really worthwhile  visiting. To help you we have mentioned below some places to go or to get more information.

VVV Nijmegen tel: 0900-1 122344
VVV Kleve: 0049-2821-895090
VVV Kranenburg:
Museum het Valkhof:
Bevrijdingsmuseum Groesbeek:024-3974404
Afrika Museum:
Nijmeegs Sauna Centrum:
Goch Ness zwembad en sauna:
Holland Casino in Nijmegen
Kemwasser Wunderland pretpark
Golfbaan "Rijk van Nijmegen" in Groesbeek
Klimhal Nijmegen:tel:024.3443310
Karting Indoor:
Fietsverhuur Ben Mey: tel: 024-6843547

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