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"Klootschieten", what is it and how do you play it?

Although it used to be otherwise, 'klootschieten' is currently mainly practiced in the eastern part of our country. The game is one of the oldest Dutch ball games.  Between the fifteenth and seventeenth century it was played all over the country, allegedly as a relic from the ancient Germanic stone throwing.


It is played with so called 'kloten', wooden or synthetic balls filled with lead. Balls of at least 16 centimeters wide, with a diameter of at least 50 millimeters. As the filling with lead is not bound to formal weight requirements, weight differences may arise. In the past holly root-wood was often used to make the balls, whereas nowadays all kinds of wood and synthetic are used.

 'Klootschieten' is a particularly popular outdoor game, played by young and old. It looks simple but it requires more agility, technique and tactics than many people think. It consists of throwing the 'kloot' as far as possible in a straight line by the lower-arm. While throwing, the pitch arm is not allowed to touch the body.  Over a predetermined distance, the teams play alternately. The player or team that bridges the distance in the least number of turns wins the game.

Options and prices


klootschietenAs from 10 persons (price per person)


  • klootschieten
  • coffee/tea
  • apple pie
  • concluding drink

Price: € 9,50 euro p.p.

Only the game (price per person) € 3,50
Children up to 10 years € 2,50.


You will receive the play rules, route and of course 2 or more 'kloten'.
The entire route takes 1,5 to 2 hours.
We recommend that you to wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

Joep Bless en Ria Kroes

Molenstraat 4
6566 JC Millingen aan de Rijn
The Netherlands

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