The Zeelandsche Hof
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Campsite Berg en Dal & Ooijpolder

Opening 2020

We will open on April 8 (subject to change).

  • Four Day March Nijmegen 2020, from 17th to 20st July incl.
    Overnight stays only possible by booking special four day march packages.

Sustainability is our top priority. In 2016, for example, we started using more than 100 solar panels. All waste is separated, including glass, rest, fruits and veggies, tin and paper.


Although it used to be otherwise, 'klootschieten' is currently mainly practiced in the eastern part of our country. The game is one of the oldest Dutch ball games.  Between the fifteenth and seventeenth century it was played all over the country, allegedly as a relic from the ancient Germanic stone throwing. It is played with so called 'kloten', wooden balls filled with lead. Balls of at least 16 centimeters wide, with a diameter of at least 50 millimeters. 'Klootschieten' is a particularly popular game, played outdoors by young and old.

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Family day or weekend!


Every year numerous families organize reunions to jointly enjoy an activity or just to catch up. 'De Zeelandsche Hof' (located between Berg en Dal, 'de Duffelt' and Ooij polder, in the eastern part of the country), is most convenient for such occasions. Accommodation for both young and old!
And whether you want to organize an activity yourself or have it done by us, one thing is certain: the whole family will experience an unforgettable stay!

Joep Bless en Ria Kroes

Molenstraat 4
6566 JC Millingen aan de Rijn
The Netherlands

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+31 6 12 650 056



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