De Zeelandsche Hof

The Zeelandsche Hof is a mound farm from 1850 with all externality of good old farming. It is beautifully located in the Duffelt of the ancient hamlet Het Zeeland in the municipality of Millingen aan de Rijn. It is situated between the hills of Berg en Dal and Ooij polder and also forms part of the nature reserve The Gelderse Poort. As from 2016 it will be part of the new municipality of Berg en Dal. The farm is an ideal starting point for a nice day out or even several days, because is does not only offer a Lodging facility but also a Campsite and several Trekking cabins.


Every day we are ready to ensure you can start the day with local organic dairy, jams, juices etc. You just have to make the reservation! Moreover, the surroundings, as well as neighbouring Germany, offer plenty of diversity between agricultural activities, nature and culture, hiking and cycling.
Finally an excellent and quiet place to stay during the International Four Day March in Nijmegen.